Think outside the office

Spacious provides members with the basics they need to stay connected and productive – lightning fast internet, reliable connectivity, and first-class hospitality and décor.

And because of our innovative restaurant partnership model, we can offer this to our customers at a fraction of the price of other coworking options, and without all the hassle, stress and inconsistencies of meeting at and working from a home office, coffee shops, and hotel lobbies.

Why we’re different

Coffee shops

  • You're never sure until you arrive whether there will be a space to sit (not to mention one near a plug.)

  • With people talking and unpredictable music and volume, it can be too noisy to work, and having a productive meeting is near impossible.

  • It's impossible to talk on the phone to clients. Conference or video calls? Forget about it.

  • The wifi is a crapshoot. Often slow, almost always inconsistent, this is a major hurdle for getting work done.

  • There’s pressure to purchase coffee or food throughout the day to claim and keep your seat.

Working from home

  • Trying to fight the power of procrastination is generally a losing battle.

  • A lack of colleagues, or even other people, can be oppressive.

  • It's difficult to separate work space from life space.

  • It’s awkward, or even impossible to host meetings at home.

Other coworking spaces

  • They’re often crammed to capacity.

  • They want long-term, expensive commitments for services members don’t always need.

  • The application process is typically tedious.

  • The hosts are unengaged.

Hotel lobbies

  • Outside of the top tier hotels, business services such as wifi come with a premium cost.

  • It is difficult and expensive to book private meeting rooms.

  • Meeting clients or colleagues in the lobby or lobby bar can feel awkward.

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We’re currently in locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn, with more cities coming soon. Let us know if you'd like Spacious in your city.
We're launching in San Francisco in November. See our early adopter pricing.

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