Loud, buzzing cities.
Quiet, peaceful spaces.

Your desk is creativity’s worst enemy. Join a network of the city’s best restaurants turned into spaces to get inspired and get things done.

By creating jobs, activating underused spaces, and democratizing access to cultural hubs, Spacious is creating a smart, sustainable ecosystem that can be scaled to cities around the world.

Why we’re different

Coffee shops

You can only buy so many lattes before they kick you out.
Feel at home with hospitality and consistency you can rely on. Spacious is creating a whole new category of environments that you can use without a reservation. Plus the coffee’s free!

Working from home

When “desk” can be translated as “writer’s block.”
When you can connect from anywhere, the where still matters. These aren’t just any spaces. To start, they’re the city’s top, beautifully designed restaurants, moving into other types of spaces soon. 

Co-working spaces

Don’t settle for the one desk life.
Why limit yourself? Spacious has locations all over New York and San Francisco that you can use without a reservation. Your membership gives you access to them all at a quarter of the price!

Hotel lobbies

  • Outside of the top tier hotels, business services such as wifi come with a premium cost.

  • It is difficult and expensive to book private meeting rooms.

  • Meeting clients or colleagues in the lobby or lobby bar can feel awkward.

Get started

Sign up online, or walk into any of our locations to claim your free week. No credit card or reservation required.


is expanding

We’re officially bicoastal! San Francisco now joins Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Jersey City on the rapidly expanding list of cities with Spacious locations.

Want Spacious in your city? Let us know where you are, and we’ll notify you about new city openings.

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