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Our official SF Opening is Monday 10/13

Spacious partners with the city’s best restaurants to create spaces for working and meeting up during the hours they’re not open.

Access them all for as little as $95/month.

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Live the work-from-anywhere
life as a Spacious member

Enjoy unlimited coffee and tea, and early dinnertime access

Guaranteed high speed wifi and outlets at every seat

The option to work somewhere different every day

Access beautiful, inspiring spaces around SF & NYC

Take phone calls in quiet spaces and reserve rooms for meetings

Friendly hosts on site to meet your needs

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Choose a space that
fits your day

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to work from a different location every day on either coast. Your membership gives you access to all of our locations in both San Francisco and New York.

This fall, we’re launching with 5 locations in some of San Francisco's best restaurants with many more to come in the greater Bay Area thereafter.

These aren’t just any spaces. They’re the city’s top, beautifully designed restaurants.

We're so excited to reveal the first 5 locations in the San Francisco Spacious network!

"Walking by a coffee shop and seeing everybody piled on top of each other, and seeing a beautiful empty restaurant next door—it just seemed to be a natural fit."


“Members cheer Spacious' convenience and affordability — made possible by a lack of overhead costs that would otherwise result in the company having to charge higher membership prices.”


"Coffee shops are overcrowded, but where else can our ever-growing mobile workforce go? Spacious has solved the work space problem in a way that's so smart it will leave you wondering why no one has tried this before."


"Rather than claim a chunk of square footage in a single warehouse or office building, Spacious operates out of a constellation of locations across the city—rather brilliantly, in restaurants that used to sit empty until dinner service."


Spacious is more than just a coworking company, however. It hopes to reimagine the idea of space in an urban environment and how to use it efficiently—as well as helping residents experience their city in a different light.


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