Flexible pricing

With a $5 Trial Day and no long term commitment required, a Spacious membership is the perfect fit for your flexible lifestyle.

Sign Up for a $5 Trial Day
Your trial starts on your first visit a space.


$129/ month
Billed $129 monthly


Save $120 per year
$119/ month
Billed $357 quarterly


Save $360 per year
$99/ month
Billed $1,188 annually
Day passes are available for $24 (after the intial Trial Day)

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All Spacious memberships
include the following

You might be wondering…

How does the $5 Trial Day work?

Just show up at any of our spaces to start your $5 Trial Day. It’s really that easy.

Or you can sign up ahead of time on the website so we recognize you when you arrive, but either way, you don’t need to make a reservation for a specific time or place. Just check in with the host when you arrive. After you check in, you'll be sent instructions to complete your $5 Trial Day purchase.

If you plan to invite guests to meet you during your trial day, we ask that they also purchase a $5 Trial Day. Hosting guests is a perk for members. If you absolutely need to host a meeting on your first visit, we recommend jumping directly into one of our Membership plans (Monthly, Quarterly or Annual).

How fast is the WiFi?

Insanely fast. We consider fast internet as important as breathing. We’re not talking about coffee shop WiFi here -- we install top-of-the-line high throughput wireless access points and work with local ISPs to deliver uncompromising speed. 

How is Spacious different than working in a coffee shop?

As soon as you walk into Spacious, you’ll notice a world of difference compared to a coffee shop.

A Proper Reception

First and foremost, there’s no line, just a friendly host to welcome you, and any guests you invite for meetings. Never deal with awkward first time meetings in a crowded line for coffee.

Plenty of Seats & Outlets

Once you enter, you’ll have plenty of space to post up for the day in front of your computer, or to host back to back meetings, one after the other. Look down almost anywhere, and you’ll find an outlet that we place under each row of tables.

Super Fast WiFi

We’ll text you a link to access the Spacious WiFi network, which is fast enough for video conference calls. We wouldn’t recommend trying a video conference in the average coffee shop.

Unlimited Self Serve Coffee & Tea

At a coffee shop, there’s always an obligation to repeatedly consume something, just to keep your seat. Not so at Spacious. We offer a hands off, VIP experience, where you can get what you need when you need it, but otherwise we let you come and go as you please all day long, without any obligation.

Do you have staff at your locations?

Yes. Each location will have a couple of friendly hosts to greet you and your guests. Think of them as a hybrid of a hotel concierge and an office manager. Ask them anything. If they don't have the answer they can find someone who does.

Can I bring guests? Is there a limit?

Monthly members and day pass holders can have unlimited guests. The first hour for each guest is free. After that it’s $6/hr with a daily cap of $24 per guest. If you are expecting a guest, please let the host at the front desk know, so they can welcome them and notify you upon arrival.

(Please notify the host stand when your guests are leaving the space, to ensure you are charged the correct amount for their visit.)