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spacious is

A hospitality company

Our tireless effort to offer best-in-class hospitality to our customers is perhaps our most important mission. Daily we witness the positive changes flowing from this effort as they manifest out into our unique and growing community.

This respect for the individual starts with how we treat and respect our employees. We’re confident that if we can bring a little light into the lives of our own people, they will share that light with our customers, who will go on to produce good work while in our spaces.

spacious is

An innovative real estate company

Spacious takes excess space capacity in prime urban locations and makes it available to those who can use it now. We share our profits with our space partners, creating a win-win relationship. As a result, we can offer our customers access to extraordinary urban space at a fraction of the cost of the traditional real estate leasing models. Our pricing is not a gimmick to gain early customers. It is a sustainable value made possible by activating something that previously sat empty and unused.

spacious is

A technology company

A suite of mobile and web applications help Spacious run smoothly. From the customer's mobile phone, to the iPad kiosk, to the iPad host app, and the customized wifi networks that we maintain in the space - our technology works in concert to create a seamless user experience. The best-designed technology, after all, is technology that you don't ever notice.

spacious is

An innovator in the field of sustainability

We are creating something new and useful out of the waste of others. The most sustainable kind or urban development makes better use of what we already have. Spacious is doing precisely that, and we will continue to find spaces other than restaurants to make more efficient, more affordable and more valuable to those who live in work in urban spaces.

Our Locations

We partner with select restaurants throughout New York City to build our network of stylish co-working locations.

We plan to expand to additional spaces in New York, as well as other cities in the United States, by the end of 2017.

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June 2016
New York, NY
We work out of our own co-working spaces