Space that works for you

No reservations, no applications, no hassles

Easy check-in

Every time you walk into Spacious, you’ll be greeted by a friendly host and prompted to check in at the kiosk up front. All you have to do is enter your phone number — we’ll send you a text with the WiFi password in the morning, and another one an hour before dinner service begins to give you a heads up.

First time? Drop by any of our locations and start your free week trial.

Your home away from home

Once you’ve checked in, choose any seat you like. Grab a power cord if you need it, help yourself to coffee or tea, and come and go as you please. It’s like your favorite café, but with fewer distractions and (much) faster WiFi.

When the space begins to prepare for dinner service, feel free to stick around and grab a drink!

Community & collaboration

All of our locations have plenty of room for you to work with other team members, and our guest policy makes it easy to invite people to the “office” — their first hour is free, and after that you’ll be charged $6/hr (maxing out at the day rate of $29). All we ask is that you respect your fellow members and reserve loud talking for the private meeting rooms.

Want to learn about our private meeting rooms? Contact [email protected] to find out how we can help you with anything from team standups to catered conferences.

Ideal for daily or weekly work

You’ll notice pretty quickly that there’s no single type of Spacious member. That’s because, at $95 for an unlimited plan, we give you the freedom and flexibility to use your membership how you want, when you want.

Freelance artists, business travelers, and small startup teams all love working here.

Supporting local businesses

Our partnerships with restaurants help ensure that they can make use of their large dining rooms even during off hours, and having Spacious locations in the neighborhood drives traffic to lunch spots in the area. It’s a sustainable solution to using space as efficiently as possible in dense urban areas.

Join now and help us create the office of the future.