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Wherever you are.

Walk in, check in at the host stand and get stuff done. At $129/month, with no sign up or cancellation fee, Spacious fits your life and your priorities.

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Walk right in. No reservations required.

Unlimited access to all the spaces in every city

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Our friendly hosts greet you and help you with anything you need.

Enjoy unlimited coffee & tea, power at every seat, and wifi that’s light-years faster than at your local coffee shop (and incredible peace and quiet!).

With lightning fast Wi-Fi and outlets at every seat, Spacious is a great place to get focused work done.

Easily invite guests. Your guest’s first hour is free, and after that you’ll be charged $6/hour (maxing out at the day rate of $29).  During the trial week, we encourage your guests to use a trial week as well.

Reserve rooms for team meetings or offsites. Non-Spacious members can also reserve rooms à la carte.

You might be wondering…

Why is Spacious so affordable?

By partnering with Spacious, restaurants benefit financially (rather than sitting empty during the day) and Spacious can offer its members access to amazing spaces.

Can non-Spacious members access the spaces?

No. Our spaces are only open to members* and their guests, so you don’t have to worry about people coming in to eat or disturbing you. Get used to a whole new kind of peace and quiet.

‍*Of course, this includes people in a free trial week that have not yet become members.

Do I have to buy something to work at a Spacious space?

No. Spacious membership includes unlimited coffee and tea for members and their guests. (Also available to people in a trial week). For the restaurants that offer a Spacious lunch menu, there is no obligation to buy food.

Why don’t your spaces have the same hours every day?

We aim to deliver our members a consistent schedule, but every restaurant we partner with has its own schedule, and an occasional private event. Our location schedule is always updated with hours of operation across the network.

What is the noise level like? And on a related note, are there any noise restrictions I should be aware of?

Since our partner restaurants are closed during the day when your meeting takes place, Spacious is in complete control of the ambiance. We have non-distracting music playing to create an atmosphere of focus. Our members are respectful of each other.

Does my Spacious membership work in all cities?

Yes. Spacious members receive unlimited access to our entire network of locations—no matter what city you’re in. We currently have locations in the New York City metro area, and San Francisco, with more cities coming soon.

is expanding

We’re officially bicoastal! San Francisco now joins Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Jersey City on the rapidly expanding list of cities with Spacious locations.

Want Spacious in your city? Let us know where you are, and we’ll notify you about new city openings.

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