One membership. Unlimited access.

Citywide workspace at a price that makes sense. Membership gives you access to all Spacious locations in neighborhoods across NYC.

Buy a Day Pass or Plan

You can use Spacious any time with a $20 Day Pass that remains active for 24 hours. To get the most value, purchase a monthly, quarterly, or annual membership and you’ll be given an allotment of free guest hours so you can host guests and small meetings.

Pick any space

Spacious never requires a reservation or booking in advance. Use the App to find a space nearby, see how busy a location is, get directions, or check hours in real time. Once you're a member you can walk into any location, grab a seat, and get things done.

Use Spacious your way

Our workspaces provide the essentials to stay productive including high- speed wifi, tons of power outlets, and complimentary coffee and tea. There's always a host on-site to greet you and answer any questions. Visit one or multiple locations each day and use Spacious as much as you need to. 
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Workspace at your fingertips

Find drop-in workspaces nearby, view real-time capacity, and check schedules.
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You might be wondering...

How is Spacious so affordable?

Instead of taking on long term leases and costly build outs, we partner with space owners who rent their spaces to us during the day. This unique business model benefits the spaces (they don't sit empty all day) and enables Spacious to offer memberships at affordable rates.

Can non-Spacious members access the space?

Our spaces are only open to Spacious members and their guests, so you don't have to worry about busy crowds disturbing you.

Do I have to buy something to work at a Spacious space?

Nope. As long as you have a Spacious membership, you don't have to buy anything to work in one of our spaces. Each space provides unlimited gourmet coffee and tea for members and their guests. Some of our spaces are in restaurants that offer a special lunch menu, but there is no obligation to buy food.