Spacious For Teams

Think outside the office

Grow your team, not your expenses

Offer your team a variety of convenient and inspiring A-class workspaces for little more than the cost of coffee. Spacious shared space dining rooms offer plenty of tables to huddle up as a team. We also have private conference rooms available by the hour. Have fully private white-board sessions, presentations, and client pitches.


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Even if you have an office, Spacious is a great compliment

Fast & Efficient Meetings: Eliminate awkward business lunches, noisy coffee shops, and fighting for conference rooms? Spacious has you covered. Comfortably host clients, interviews, or just a simple one on one.

An Inspiring Change of Scenery: Studies have shown that people get more work done outside the office. The reasons are obvious. People go to work to get distracted, and work remotely to focus. Breaking up a repetitive office routine can spark new ideas. And a little bit of flexibility can go a long way for employee satisfaction and well being.

Have a large enterprise team?

If our standard team pricing doesn’t fit, please reach out to discuss custom solutions for enterprises.


How do guests work in relation to teams?

All guests are charged to the team owner. Team members can use the standard guest policy, and the team owner is charged upon checkout. Our guest policy permits one free guest per hour, and $6 per guest per hour after that. No single guest ever costs more than $29 per day (the cost of a day pass).

What happens if I need to remove someone from my team?

It’s easy to manage your team. In your Spacious profile view, you’ll see a tab called “My Team” where you’ll find a list of everyone on your team. If you remove someone mid-month, they’ll still be paid through the current month, but you won’t be charged again for that team member (pro-rated refunds are not permitted for mid-month cancellations).

Will everyone I add to my team be billed under my account?

Yes indeed. That’s one of the main reasons we’ve made this option available. We know how painful expense reporting can be, especially for young companies where time and money are not unlimited. Not only will it free your team from having to track and submit expenses every month, but you’ll save money too.

Do I need to be a Spacious member to pay for my team to use your coworking locations?

Yes, but if you are a manager at a company looking to cover the membership fees for people on your team, we can make it work for you. Please contact [email protected]

Is Spacious good for large teams?

It depends on the size of the team, and the nature of the business. We’re happy to discuss your specific needs. Send us an email to [email protected]

Are there private places where my team can have meetings and conference calls?

Most of our locations have at least one private conference room that can be reserved by the hour, or blocked out for one or more days. Because we use the restaurant’s private dining rooms and event spaces, they tend to be way more inspiring than the average office conference room. We have whiteboards and projector/screens, and our hospitality team can usually accommodate most special requests. And of course, catering is optional if desired. Talk to our hosts or email [email protected] to learn more.