Spacious for Teams

Don't settle for the one desk life.

Whether your sales team needs a space to pop into between meetings, or your engineers need heads-down time away from the distractions of the open office plan, Spacious is the place to make things happen for teams large and small.

Give your team the gift of focus & flexibility.

Not a coworking space, not a coffee shop.

Spacious is creating a whole new category of productive workspace for your team to use in addition to your office.

Commitment to hospitality.

In addition to free coffee and tea, power, & guaranteed high speed wifi, Spacious’ hosts are always there to make sure you’re taken care of.

Set up to work.

With meeting rooms, quiet places to have phone calls, and the option to have guests, Spacious accommodates teams large and small.

Company Benefits

Increase employee focus & efficiency

Get more done in less time. According to a survey by employee management firm TinyPulse, 91% answered “Yes” when asked if they get more done when working remotely.

Reduce commute time & increase productivity

Give your team workspace in their own neighborhoods and eliminate wasted hours traveling to and from the office. New York City has the nation’s longest average commute time at a whopping 35 minutes each way.

Attract the right talent and Reduce employee turnover

According to a study by Stanford University, offering a remote work option reduced employee turnover by 50%. Specifically, in a study by Deloitte, 75% of surveyed Millennials would like to start to, or more frequently, work from other locations outside the main office location.

Reduce facility costs and consumption

Expand conference room availability by hosting one-on-ones and external meetings out of the office. At American Express the BlueWork program has delivered not only improved worker productivity but also saved between $10- $15 million annually in real estate costs, the company says.



Before Spacious our teams settled for coffee shops, rented a Breather for a couple hours (expensive) or winged it. With Spacious, our team has been more productive (more work, less distractions), more creative (easier to hold meetings), and connected (less phone calls, more human interaction).

Tyler Vawser
Museum Hack

Spacious provides me with a conducive and comfortable work environment at a manageable price point. I am more productive here, love the flexibility of choosing which location works best for me on a given day, and find that surrounding myself with other entrepreneurs to be highly motivating.

Bruce Thomson
The World Bank

Ready to give your employees the gift of focus and flexibility?

Tell us about your needs, and we’ll come up with something that works.


You might be wondering…

I'm a remote manager, do I need to have a Spacious member to pay for my team to use your locations?

No! If you are a manager at a company looking to cover the membership fees for people on your team, we can make it work for you. Please contact

Are there private places where my team can have meetings and conference calls?

Most of our locations have at least one private conference room that can be reserved by the hour, or blocked out for one or more days. Because we use the restaurant’s private dining rooms and event spaces, they tend to be way more inspiring than the average office conference room. We have whiteboards and projector/screens, and our hospitality team can usually accommodate most special requests. And of course, catering is optional if desired. View our private rooms available for booking, or send an email to

Is Spacious good for large teams?

It depends on the size of the team, and the nature of the business. We’re happy to discuss your specific needs. Send us an email to