Think outside the office and join the future of work

Whether you have employees that need to move around the city every day, or you simply want to give your team the option to work from different spaces when appropriate, Spacious is the perfect complement to your current office solution. Give your employees the freedom they need to be productive with a Spacious membership.
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Benefits for the business

Talent acquisition and retention tool

Top talent increasingly expects more flexibility around where they work. Empower your team with Spacious memberships and watch your talent pipeline improve.

Office planning flexibility

Need spillover space as you grow? Spacious makes it easy to flex your available workspace up and down as your team size changes.

Affordable & low commitment

At 1/4th the cost of a WeWork hotdesk membership, Spacious memberships are an affordable, risk-free way to give your team the flexibility they need to be productive without breaking the bank.

Benefits for employees

Productivity booster

Studies have shown that people get more work done outside the office. Breaking up a repetitive office routine can spark new ideas and go a long way towards employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

Fast, efficient meetings

Give employees a new type of space where they can comfortably host clients, conduct interviews, or just go somewhere new for a one-on-one.

Less time commuting

Give team members access to a professional work environment closer to their homes for days when commuting into your office doesn’t make sense. Perfect for remote team members.


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How companies use Spacious

For Employee Wellbeing

'I feel reconnected with the city and love moving around more. It transformed not only how I work but also my mood. I’m just happier overall.'

For Remote Workers

'The flexibility and cost is the biggest driver for us.  I love being able to pop into an office in SF or NYC. For a remote-first company on both coasts, the setup is just perfect.'

For Meeting Space

'As a fast-growing HR consulting firm, our team works all over the city. Spacious gives us the flexibility to collaborate, work independently, and hold meetings in beautiful spaces, with warm and gracious hospitality.'

For Sales Teams

'Clients are always impressed by all of the unique options in really great neighborhoods. And it's nice to be able to plug in while on the go.'

For Office Spillover

'Giving everyone Spacious memberships allowed us to stay in our current office for another 6 months and saved us a ton of money.'

For Boosting Creativity

'I honestly think my productivity is a lot higher than when I used to go to our office every day. There’s something inspirational about moving around, keeping things fresh, and surrounding myself with creative people.'