Spacious Annual Membership



What's included in the annual membership?

The Spacious Annual Membership includes everything that the Monthly Subscription does, plus a free Citi Bike (NYC) or Ford GoBike (SF) membership for a year!

If I'm already a monthly Spacious subscriber, how will this work? What happens to the time left on my current billing cycle? 

Your annual membership will begin at the end of your current billing cycle and will run for 12 consecutive months, so you won’t lose any time left on your current billing cycle. 

What happens at the end of the 12 months? 

The Spacious Annual Membership is a limited time offering that does not auto-renew. At the end of your 12 months, your account will be automatically switched back over to the standard Monthly Subscription at the current price that is being offered at that time. Don’t worry - we’ll send you an email reminder during your last month so that you can either cancel, renew, or otherwise adjust your subscription before that renewal date. 

What if I’m already a Citi Bike or Ford GoBike Member? 

If you have purchased your Citi Bike / Ford GoBike Membership in the last 30 days, you can receive a refund from Citi Bike / Ford GoBike. If you have purchased your Citi Bike / Ford GoBike Membership more than 30 days ago, your Citi Bike / Ford GoBike Membership from Spacious will apply to your account when your current membership ends. 

Can I pause, cancel, or get a prorated refund on the Annual Membership? 

No refunds or pauses are permitted with the Spacious One Year Unlimited Membership.