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About Spacious

We love cities. We love the diversity of people, ideas, and resources converging on a single point. What we don’t love, are the stories we hear about how little space there is. We’re told that finding a comfortable place to live, work, or play, costs a fortune in the city, because there’s just not enough space to go around.

But the scarcity of urban space is artificial. It’s a product of outdated ways of thinking. We’ve never been more technologically empowered, yet we continue to make buildings productive for less than 50% of the time, where demand for space exists 100% every day.

On every block, on the floors of every building, there is plenty of usable space hiding in plain sight. Spacious selects the best of these, and we’re extending an invitation for you to enter our hidden network.

We’re here to give you permission to experience your city in an entirely new way, at a price no longer inflated by needless inefficiency. We look forward to being your hosts, and helping you feel more at home in your own city.

Our first space reprogramming: Restaurants.

In New York City alone, there are thousands of beautifully designed restaurants that occupy some of the most valuable addresses anywhere, but they’re closed until 5:00pm or later.

Meanwhile, those of us who walk past these spaces everyday need a consistent place to host meetings, and be somewhere peaceful where we can sit down and get online.

At Spacious, you can confidently invite others to meet in a well-appointed social space. Stay productive all day where seats are abundant, WiFi is fast and reliable, and delicious coffee and refreshments are included.

We’re here to make it easy and affordable to find a fantastic place to meet and work in every neighborhood.