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Spacious partners with the city’s best restaurants to open the doors to beautiful spaces in the hours they’re not being used. Members get access to every space in the network to meet, relax, connect, and enhance their lives.

Access them all for $129 $95/month.*

* OFFER EXTENDED: Our membership prices are increasing on February 1st. Get started with a free trial to access our lowest rate available.

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No credit card info or reservations required. The trial starts on your first visit.

Your all access pass to connecting, meeting, and achieving

Unlimited coffee and tea, and early dinnertime access

Guaranteed high speed Wi-Fi and outlets at every seat

The option to visit a new location every day

Access to the inspiring and culturally relevant locations around your city

Take phone calls in quiet spaces and reserve rooms for meetings

Friendly hosts to make sure you’re taken care of

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Find a pocket of peace and productivity, wherever you are

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing a different space every day. We’re currently in locations across the New York and San Francisco areas, with more cities coming soon.

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Unlimited access to all Spacious locations.

$129 $95/month

Prices increase on February 1st. Subscribe now to lock in our lowest rate available!

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Annual Membership

Unlimited access to all Spacious locations.

LAST CHANCE for a complimentary annual CitiBike or FordBike membership (offer expires February 1st).


(works out to $83.25/month)


"Walking by a coffee shop and seeing everybody piled on top of each other, and seeing a beautiful empty restaurant next door—it just seemed to be a natural fit."


“Members cheer Spacious' convenience and affordability — made possible by a lack of overhead costs that would otherwise result in the company having to charge higher membership prices.”


"Coffee shops are overcrowded, but where else can our ever-growing mobile workforce go? Spacious has solved the work space problem in a way that's so smart it will leave you wondering why no one has tried this before."


"Rather than claim a chunk of square footage in a single warehouse or office building, Spacious operates out of a constellation of locations across the city—rather brilliantly, in restaurants that used to sit empty until dinner service."


Spacious is more than just a coworking company, however. It hopes to reimagine the idea of space in an urban environment and how to use it efficiently—as well as helping residents experience their city in a different light.


is expanding

We’re officially bicoastal! San Francisco now joins Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Jersey City on the rapidly expanding list of cities with Spacious locations.

Want Spacious in your city? Let us know where you are, and we’ll notify you about new city openings.

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