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Spacious transforms restaurants that are closed during the day into a network of co-working spaces. Access them all for $95 per month.

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Commitment to hospitality

Spacious opens the doors to beautiful spaces in the hours they’re not being used. Members get access to every space in the network to work, relax, connect, and enhance their lives.

In addition to free coffee & tea, power, and guaranteed high-speed wifi, Spacious’ hosts are always there to make sure you’re taken care of.

More About How it Works

Set up for productivity

With meeting rooms, quiet places to have phone calls, low-volume music and the option to have guests, Spacious accommodates teams large and small. You can even get a meeting catered.

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Affordable & Flexible

Frictionless experience

Because of our unique partnership arrangement with restaurants, we are able to offer a high-quality service and access to all Spacious locations for an incredibly affordable price. 

No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime.

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Spacious is currently in NYC (Manhattan and Brooklyn) and coming soon to other cities.

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A solution for everyone

For startups who want to build the dream, save money, and network.

Spacious is the right balance of not too noisy but not too quiet. We do a decent amount of talking and calls and it feels like it doesn’t disturb anything.
Jason Wagg
It’s easy for me to go to and from different locations without interrupting my workflow. And the people are really nice too.

For office-goers and entrepreneurs looking for a complement to their main office.

For remote workers and creatives seeking community and a pleasant environment.

For someone like me who’s traveling all the time - I’m a girl with a computer, on the go. I love not being locked into any one space. It’s so unique.