Access a citywide network of shared drop-in workspaces

Members have access to every location, high-speed wifi, complimentary coffee, all the outlets they need to stay productive, and space to host guests and small meetings.

Work around your day.
Drop into a space where you are.

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Two women talking in a Spacious space
Space that meets you where you are

A flexible way to work

Remote Workers & Creatives

Being a creative professional or working remotely no longer means working from home. With access to every Spacious location, you're free from the monotony of working in the same neighborhood or space day after day.


Working for a startup often means working for a company without an office. With a Spacious membership, you can focus, get work done, and hold meetings at any of our locations in your city.

Office - Goers

You may have a desk in an office, but work still keeps you on the move. Membership gives you access to places to get work done between meetings or use as an alternative to working from home.

Membership unlocks spaces with:

Wifi Icon
High-speed wifi
Person Icon
Friendly space hosts
Mute Icon
Quiet environment
Coffee Icon
Complimentary coffee & tea
Clock Icon
Extended & weekend hours
Lightning Bolt Icon
Endless power outlets
Laptop Icon
Space to host guests & meetings

Find space
wherever you are


"Spacious is part of a broader debate over how to use spaces in cities as people increasingly buy items online instead of in stores and as labor costs make restaurants an even more challenging proposition. A membership model is the future for bricks-and-mortar spots..."


"Walking by a coffee shop and seeing everybody piled on top of each other, and seeing a beautiful empty restaurant next door—it just seemed to be a natural fit."


“Members cheer Spacious' convenience and affordability — made possible by a lack of overhead costs that would otherwise result in the company having to charge higher membership prices.”


"Coffee shops are overcrowded, but where else can our ever-growing mobile workforce go? Spacious has solved the work space problem in a way that's so smart it will leave you wondering why no one has tried this before."


"Rather than claim a chunk of square footage in a single warehouse or office building, Spacious operates out of a constellation of locations across the city—rather brilliantly, in restaurants that used to sit empty until dinner service."